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In one to two hours elegantly and sexy in high heels

You know the feeling, you see someone walking in heels and you instantly think:

"Sweetie, you should have worn your sneakers"
Walking in heels unfortunately is not something you're born into. It's a
delicate balance, it pains your feet, you feel clumsy and insecure.
But as all other things in life, walking in high heels is something

that can be taught. It's an agillity that requires practice.
You can do that now with this Workout.

Do you make money in High Heels? PDF Print E-mail

High Heel Workout is looking to expand and you might just be perfect!!!
Do you wish to give the High Heel Workout and get exclusivity for all the workouts given in your postal area? It can happen!
Do you live in Maastricht, Groningen, Almere, Hoorn, Eindhoven, Utrecht or anywhere else? We kget request from all over the country. If you connect to High Heel Workout, you get to perform all the requests that we receive in your area and make money out of that. And of course you get to book your own workouts. At people's homes, in dancing schools, gyms, anywhere.

So are your sporty and good in high heels, you are the perfect embodyment of the High Heel Workout. For more information and the terms and conditions to this deal, you can contact us through our contactform, or sen a direct message to info(at) We would love to hear from you!!!

Personalised book: Get carried away in heels... PDF Print E-mail

This book gives you a funy and personal insight in the problems the modern woman has to deal with. Society demands a lot from women nowadays: we have to study, find a great job, build a carreer, break through the glass ceiling, have children, run our household, take care of our husband and in the meantime we have to make sure that we keep up our appearances.

A unique book that encorporates your name, your sister's, your colleague's or one of your friends' name in an original manner. High Heel Wearer of the year 2007 and following years Nienke van Maris takes you by the hand and teaches you that wearing high heels can be a great part in the keeping up appearances and that this is an art anyone can learn. You'll be taught from the basics how to stand and walk in your high heels properly, for a long period, elegantly, sexy and full of confidence.

Great gift for the holidays or any birthday!!!

High Heel Base Course on DVD PDF Print E-mail

You can now get the Hgh Heel Workout in your own home, following, or in stead of a class. In your own pace, on your own time, in your own surroundings and as often as you like.

First of all you get in introduction of what happens to your body when you stand and walk in high heels and why training and practice are so important. This High Heel Workout is built as a regular class: een part in sneakers, starting with a sexy warming-up, on to the excercises and followed by a stretch. The second part the heels go on and you'll be taught how to walk in them, starting with the basics: posture, standing, walking, turning, up to dancing.
Besides all that, this DVD contains extra excersises, that you can easily do at home. on the road, or at your job. These excersises are not part of the classes.
And all of that, to make sure that in the shortest periode of time you can stand an walk in your high heels with confidence, elegantky and sexy.

If you would like to order a DVD, you can do that through our order form.

Verkoopprijs € 19,50

High Heel Workout in social media PDF Print E-mail

You can now follow the High Heel Workout
updates on Twitter. Here you can find what is on our mind and all the new developments.
And if you become a member of our public High Heel Hyves you receive notice at least 5 days before a workout goes public and you get the unique chance of pre-registration... So don't hesitate and become a member quickly!

Unique in the Netherlands PDF Print E-mail

The launching of this website brings being elegant and sexy in heels within reach of all women.
The High Heel Workout teaches you in one to two hours to train the right muscles and the base to be able to flaunt in your stiletto's. It's unique in the Netherlands. You can either book through a gym, or as a workshop for your ladiesday or bacheloretteparty; opportunities are endless. Check out or website and you will find all the information. If you have any questions or remarks, send us a message through contact.

To get an idea of what the High Heel workout is and looks like, you can check out video & photo and you can read what people have said that have participated.
In the past few months we have been getting a lot of publicity in the Dutch media, which allowed us to become very well known in Holland.

P.S. Addition of the webshop makes that you can show the world how much you love your heels. Fun shirts and other articles, also nice to give away!!!